Bountiful Bounties
Howdy pardners! We've been a bit quiet since the start of the New Year because we've been hard at work on fun fancy new features for y'all to enjoy. We shuffled up the schedule a bit and we're happy to report that we've released Bounties today.

What are bounties, ya might be wonderin'. Well, bounties are a single player campaign mode where an intrepid Deputy (that's you) is pitted against an Outlaw (and sometimes their henchmen) in a series of games. Except that in bounty games the goal isn't always to come in first place. Games can define additional criteria like finishin' the game without losing more than five units or gunnin' down more than ten of the opponent's units in the process.

When the Outlaw is finally brung in, the Deputy gets the bounty reward. That's a healthy helpin' o' scrip and for especially tough outlaws, it might include special Badges or even fancy Duds that can't be bought by regular folks in the General Store.

We've also released full-length versions of our in-game music, written and produced by them crazy cowpokes over at SomaTone Interactive Audio. If ya reckon ya like the music in Bang! Howdy then yer in luck because now you can get full length versions of the tracks fer listenin' to on yer iPod or other fancy portable music playin' device. No need to go to your local record store, you can download it directly from the General Store in the game.

There are of course a small raft of minor tweaks, bug fixes and other little twiddlin's that we are constantly doin' as a matter of course. For the detail oriented among ye, we'll enumerate those more specifically:

Astute pardners will also notice the Hideout perched upon the hill there in Frontier Town. We've been making good progress on Gangs and it won't be long before those will be makin' their way out of the nest and into the wide world as well.

On top of that, we've got Boom Town development going in full swing and we're dreamin' up all sorts of crazy steam-powered robot antics and beaverin' away to make them a reality. It's going to be a fair while before Boom Town is ready for public consumption but we promise to keep ya entertained between now and then with all sorts of good stuff.

In the meanwhile, good luck bringin' in them Outlaws and we'll see ya 'round the Sheriff's Office,

- Sheriff Mike star

Year End Roundup
Howdy pardners! The end of the year is fast approachin' and we here at the Triple-O Ranch are gettin' ready to take a short breather fer the holidays. Before we head off, I wanted to give y'all a quick update on the state of development and let ya know what you can look forward to in the New Year.

We done got the game launched a few weeks back and we're durn happy about that. Since then we've been ironing out a few wrinkles that poked their head up after beta and we've been workin' on a bunch of excitin' new features.

Upcoming New Features

I want to talk about Gangs which have been mentioned around these parts once er twice before. I reckon I can give you a few details on what that's going to invole at least to start.

In addition to Gangs, we've been doing some work on Tournaments and an exciting new feature we're calling Bounties. You'll just have to wait until after the holidays to hear more details about those 'cause old Sheriff Mike is only good for details on one major new feature at a time and I just done finished tellin' ya about Gangs.

Patch Notes

We also shipped a little patch today to fix a few bugs and tidy up some other bits. Here are the details on that:

Some of ya may have also noticed that we started doin' some advertisin' on Penny Arcade. If yer a Penny Arcade reader, then a fine Howdy to ya. We'll be doin' more advertisin' in the New Year and hopefully you'll start seein' a heck of a lot more cowpokes turnin' up in town.

That's about all I got to say to ya fer now pardners. It's late and even the Sheriff has to sleep from time to time. Y'all be sure to enjoy yerselves durin' the holidays and we'll do the same. Expect to see us back refreshed and excited come the New Year.

Merry solstice to you and yours,

- Sheriff Mike star

Last Hurrah
Howdy pardners! I've got a few bits to jaw at ya, and some details on a bug fix patch that we put up today. Firstly the patch notes:

The next thing I want to jabber about is the end of Beta. We're going to be declaring Beta to be ended this Friday, December 1st at High Noon (Pacific Standard Time).

What does this mean exactly? Well the main thing is that players are no longer going to get a free ride to the Indian Trading Post. They'll have to buy a ticket. But it also means that we're going to be givin' out our Beta Tester Rewards, which I reckon yer all going to enjoy. You'll be gettin':

One thing to note is that everyone who registered and logged on during the Beta will receive the Beta Tester Badge, but only those players that played at least 20 Ranked Games will receive the free ticket to Indian Trading Post. We reckon that ya aught to have done yer job if yer gonna get paid fer it.

So if ya got friends that ya think might like Bang! Howdy, tell 'em to get their hide on over here and sign up fer the Beta because it's their last chance to get a free ticket to ITP.

- Sheriff Mike star

Welcome to the Indian Trading Post
Pardners, we're pleased as punch to announce that Indian Trading Post is now available on the public beta server. It's been a long road, but we're mighty happy with how it all came together. We've introduced a pile of new stuff to the game.

There are three new Big Shot units:

There are four new stock units: There are three new gameplay scenarios: There are over a dozen new cards and bonuses and even more new badges to be discovered.

We'll be workin' away to fix all the bugs that will no doubt be uncovered now that all this new code is getting some serious use. In the meanwhile, enjoy and we'll see ya down at the Big Bear Saloon,

- Sheriff Mike star

Ridin' 'em In
We been out roundin' up them dogies for quite a while now and we reckon it's just about time to ride 'em on in. We been fixin' bugs and polishin' up both Frontier Town and the old Indian Trading Post and we got some changes to report:

On top of that, we done fixed so dang many bugs that I can hardly keep count. A great big thanks to Sheriff Mark for his hard work on that front.

As I mentioned at the start of this here ramble, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and we're dang close to lettin' y'all head on over to the Indian Trading Post. Here's a screenshot of a new gameplay mode called Wendigo Attack:

Keep yer ears peeled and if all goes according to plan, the next thing ya hear from me will be "Welcome to the Indian Tradin' Post!"

- Sheriff Mike star

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